The Megalift SLT is an innovative / contemporary mobile heavy handler which can operate on any ground conditions and gradients. With no set up cost vs Large Reach Stackers or Straddle equipment the Megalift SLT is an extremely attractive option for customers looking to 'Short term rent', Customers in remote areas with no infrastructure or indeed large cities where space is a premium.

Benefits of Megalift SLT

  • Reduce COST by eliminating trailers waiting to get offloaded
  • Reduce COST by eliminating the need for loading ramps
  • Eliminates crane hire COST on sites
  • Facilitates SAFER ground level stuffing and destuffing

Standard Features

  • Designed to lift up to 35 tonnes
  • Hydraulic Sliding Cranes allow for lifting of 20', 30' or 40' containers
  • Capable of lifting 2 x 20' containers
  • Offloading possible on to ground
  • Ease of transfer from one trailer to another
  • Offloading time 2 minutes
  • Fully independent engine
  • Load Handling via Remote Control
  • 9 Ton BPW Axles, Drum Brakes & Air Suspension
  • Lifting arm is directly above stability leg
  • The Megalift SLT's unique jack-leg offers maximum stability even when operating on uneven ground at full capacity
  • The slim crane design offers a small turn circles for operating in confined or built up areas even when carrying the largest of loads

Optional Extras

  • Self Tracker Rear Axle
  • Gooseneck Trailer
  • Trombone Trailer for 45' Container